Key lock system for scan hooks
Retrofits most existing scan hooks right in place or purchase hooks separately. Secures most scan hooks up to 1/4" diameter with 1" front wire spacing. Simple swing aside access.
Unit of Measure


Discount Price / %
100 - 999
1000 - 4999
5000 - 9999
10000   and up



N/A For Scan Hooks


N/A 25

Weight per Carton

N/A 4.0 lbs

Order Quantity Note

N/A Order in 100 item increments only.
Order will be shipped in standard finish and packing.

Any order under $100.00 will be charged a $10.00 minimum order fee.

Price Note

N/A Prices below per each items

Price (100)

N/A $2.38

Price (1,000)

N/A $1.79

Price (5,000)

N/A $1.43

Price (10,000)

N/A $1.19


N/A Re-locks without a key. Open several hooks for hands-on selling, replace items and re-lock in an instant without the key. Warning: Once lock is placed on hook, it will never come off.

Security Plate

N/A Security plate works with most metal and plastic backplate designs. Secures hook backplate to pegboard. It provides additional theft deterrence in high risk environments. Included with ScanLock™.


N/A Scan Lock are packed one scan lock partially assembled, one attachment clip, one scan lock security plate and one PB5 push pin.
All above items are packed in one bag, 25 bags per carton with one bag of five keys.


N/A Install Locks Alone or Complete Lock-and-Hook Combinations.
Retrofit most scan hooks right in place, or install ScanLock™ with new hooks. Secures most scan hooks. Recommended wire gauge between a low of 0.212 inch diameter (4 gauge low side) to a high of 0.250 inch diameter, with 1" front wire spacing. Warning: Once lock is placed on hook, it will never come off.


N/A Trouble-free Design Re-locks Without Key.
Open several hooks for hands-on selling to customers, replace items and re-lock in an instant without fumbling with a key.


N/A Secure All Items or Display Some Unlocked.
Lock all items with the ScanLock™, or display 1 or 2 unlocked for easy customer access while the balance of stock is locked and secure. Prevents mass theft and “sweeping” of items.


N/A Simple Swing-aside Access. No need to remove the lock to access items and sell product.


N/A Easy-to-use, inexpensive key lock system secures most common scan hooks-and even retrofits existing hooks in place.

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