Unit of Measure


Aisle Sign Arms Designs

N/A The Aisle Sign Arm designs shown illustrate various types of sign arm solutions available. Each can easily be sized to suit your particular need on our automated equipment. Select the style arm desired and determine the following dimensions. Contact your Trion Representative for quotes and delivery times. Galvanized or color perm finish. Tube colors: standard white, aluminum on request.


N/A Pegboard/Slatwall
Pegboard/Slatwall Straight Entry
Rack or Wire Grid
Shelf Channel Clip
Shelf Plate

Material Finish

N/A Color perm finish. Galvanized

Tube Color

N/A Standard white, aluminum on request.

Ordering Instructions

N/A Y = _____ Arm Length

S = _____ Hole center line spacing on sign If using floating hook, enter FH

X = _____ Arm Height

G = _____ Wire Grid Spacing Vertically (For Wire Grid only)

W = _____ Wire Diameter (For Wire Grid only)

Z = _____ Pallet rack hole spacing on upright (For Pallet Rack Only)

A = _____ Degree of Angle C-channel faces up. (Typical is 13 degrees, C-channel only)