Flip Scan Plain Paper Label Holders
  • Flip Scan Plain Paper Label Holders Mount to Flip Scan and FISH Tip
  • FSLH attaches to Flip Scan Mount (cross wire dia to .177") and FISH Tip Mount.
  • Flip Scan flips up for easy product access.
  • Flip Scan snaps on, stays centered, flips up out of the way for easy access, yet falls back into view to display product information.  It flexes open with a touch to accept low-cost plain paper labels, then holds the label securley in place.  Custom heights and lengths are available.


Unit of Measure


Discount Price / %
100 - 999
1000 - 4999
5000 - 9999
10000   and up


Label Size

N/A 3/4" x 2"


N/A 3/4 in


N/A 2 in


N/A 100/bag

Pack Code



N/A Upon request, label holders can be packed with hooks. Label Holders, when not packed in with hooks, come in standard packs of 500 pieces, (5 bags of 100) per carton or minimum with combined price.


N/A Flip Scan® Plain Paper Label Holders Mount to Flip Scan® and FISH™ Tip. Alternative versions for Flip Scan®, Metal Plate 3 and 0.267" Crosswire.

Notch Note

N/A Item has one notch in the center.


N/A FISH™ Tip Mount Flip Scan® Mount (cross wire dia to 0.177")

Item Note

N/A All items are custom cut and non-returnable.

Price Note

N/A Prices per 100 and lot pricing.

Price (100)

N/A $9.34

Price (1,000)

N/A $7.01

Price (5,000)

N/A $5.60

Price (10,000)

N/A $4.67

Flip Scan® Colors, Materials & Perfromance

Standard Color

N/A Label holder standard color is Clear - clear back with clear front window.

Color Options

N/A Stock colors Black (BK), White (WT) and Beige (BG) are available at catalog price on minimum orders of 5,000 label holders or 500 four-foot label strips.
For stock color orders under minimum quantity a $150.00 setup fee is charged.

Additional Colors

N/A Additional stock colors Red (RD), Grey (GY), Blue (BL), Green (GN), Yellow (YL), and Silver (SL) are available as a special quote. Custom colors and color matches are also available as a special quote.

Flip Scan® Materials

N/A Flip Scan® Label Holders are forgiving PVC co-extrusions with a clear, see-through front. Readability and scanning accuracy are enhanced by use of an extremely high quality transparent window material with built-in UV protection. This improved clear PVC front resists yellowing and darkening better than ordinary plastics, guaranteeing longer life and dramatically reducing replacement costs. The flexible, forgiving nature of the material provides built-in "memory," allowing it to retain shape and secure labels for the life of the holder while simultaneously increasing customer safety.

Flip Scan® Performance

N/A For freezer and cooler applications, cold-formulated Flip Scan Holders eliminate bleeding ink, wet unstuck labels, and loose brittle price tag chips. They are the ultimate solution for labeling and pricing in cold, damp, demanding environments.


N/A Implement the advantages of Flip Scan for your paper labels, or to maintain a consistent look throughout your store. Snaps on securely and stays centered, flips up, out of the way for easy access, yet falls back into view to display product information. Flip Scan Hooks are available in designs for pegboard, slatwall, grid and crossbar applications. Flip Scan Label Holders are compatible with standard design Trion Hooks (FISH™ Tip design). Custom heights and lengths are available.