AMT™ Adjustable Merchandising Tray™ System
  • Removable tray permits rear loading and encourages proper product rotation.
  • Width adjusts easily yet locks with built-in clips.
  • Durable, easy to clean, UV protected, freezer and cooler ready and maintenance free.
  • Customers use manual feed to access product, facing the shelf or store personnel can manually face the products.
  • Organizes product for easy access, allowing customer to see product without removing it from shelf.
  • Prevents stacked product from toppling over.
  • Easy to add new lanes and items to shelf.
  • Improved appearance increases sales, carves out a well-defined shelf space for each variety.
  • Smooth, non-porous lubricious material allows effortless flow of product.
  • Unit of Measure


    Discount Price / %
    1 - 10
    11 - 100
    101 - 500
    501   and up



    N/A Yogurt System (Small)


    N/A 6 1/2 in

    Width Adjusts (1/8" Increments)

    N/A 2 11/16 to 3 5/16 in

    Breakaway Length

    N/A 18 in20 in22 in


    N/A 12 Trays/Kit

    Weight per Carton

    N/A 16 lbs


    N/A Label/Sign Holders
    Optional holders offer a protected home for product and price information, improve product navigation and sales.

    Price Note

    N/A Prices below per Kit

    Price (1-10 Kits)

    N/A $71.98

    Price (11-100 Kits)

    N/A $63.99

    Price (101-500 Kits)

    N/A $56.01

    Price (501+ Kits)

    N/A $48.01

    Prices per

    N/A Kit


    N/A Built-in Manual Feed
    Quickly and conveniently forwards and faces product, then tucks out of sight into the tray.